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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Tells House Committee His Personal Data Sold To Others

April 11, 2018 - 11:17 am

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Mark Zuckerberg says his Facebook data was included in the personal information sold to malicious third parties, a reference to the Cambridge Analytica scandal that has rocked his company over the past several weeks. 
A house hearing examining the company's privacy policies and the role Facebook played as Russians intervened in the 2016 election has begun. Zuckerberg testified for around five hours in a Senate hearing on Tuesday.

In that hearing, Zuckerberg apologized several times for Facebook failures and disclosed that his company was "working with'' special counsel Robert Mueller in the federal probe of Russian election interference. He also said Facebook was working hard to change its own operations after the harvesting of users' private data by a data-mining company affiliated with Donald Trump's campaign.

During his second day of questioning from members of Congress on Wednesday, Zuckerberg said, "I have no specific knowledge of any data that we have ever given to Russia," when asked.
Facebook has said that 87 million people's personal data was scooped up when some 270,000 users took a personality quiz and had not just their data, but the data of their friends to be accessed by an outside app. Cambridge Analytica then obtained this data and is said to have used it to try to influence elections around the world. 

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Lawmakers in both parties have floated possible regulation of Facebook and other social media companies amid privacy scandals and Russian intervention on the platform. It's not clear what that regulation would look like. 
Zuckerberg said Wednesday that it is "inevitable that there will be some sort of regulation.'' But he warned that lawmakers should be careful in what they propose.

He noted that larger companies like Facebook have more resources to comply with regulations than small startups.