Earth, Wind & Fire's Bailey on band's 'gumbo soup' sound, his musician son, touring

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July 08, 2019 - 6:03 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- The legendary group Earth, Wind & Fire is going to rock the house Tuesday night and Wednesday in a 2-day concert at the Beacon Theater, part of their current tour schedule

This multi Grammy and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band has been thrilling audiences all of the world for almost five decades with its fusion of R & B, soul, funk, rock and jazz.

"City Views" host Sharon Barnes-Waters sat with lead singer, Philip Bailey who attributes the longevity of Earth, Wind & Fire to its unique sound.

"The music was written with the people in mind and then there’s the gumbo soup of all the different genres that are collectively put into the music. We’ve been really blessed and we didn’t think when we started that almost 50 years later we would still be doing this," he said.

The group lost its founder, Maurice White, in 2016 but Bailey recalls his mission statement for the band which was "to render service to humanity."

White also wanted the band’s music to inspire instead of just entertain. Bailey went on to say “the foresight that he had and vision and conceptualizing, that whole statement and purpose is really big is really large and for that reason we would play in concert every night and the feeling in the audience was so jubilant.”

Earth, Wind & Fire has a loyal fan base that stretches across generations and the globe. “Some times we just stick the mic out there and they are singing all the song,” Bailey said.

The band continues to tour with original members, Verdine White and Ralph Johnson. Philip's son, Philip Bailey Jr., is also a member of the group and now appreciates the sacrifices his father made. “I think that now he has been able to understand and embrace the reason I why I was never home. He has always been musically-inclined, and did what my mother said I did which was singing before he was talking.”

Philip Bailey has had a successful solo career and recently released a new album called “Love will find a way” in which he collaborated with a number of artists including will.I.Am.  This project was a labor of love that he said was "inspired by the political and social times that we are going through.”"

Bailey said they are going to "bring it" to the Beacon Theater and calls it a real blessing. 

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