YOU ASKED: Do I still need to wear a mask?

1010 WINS Newsroom
May 18, 2020 - 6:14 pm
Coronavirus NYC

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NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Dr. Brian McDonough, 1010 WINS' medical expert, answered questions about coronavirus and Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome on Facebook Live on Friday. Here was one of the most-asked questions:

Do I really need to keep wearing a mask in public? (Even though Gov. Cuomo says it's "selfish" not to.)

“Honestly, here’s the deal with the mask: the mask is protecting other people more than it protects you,” McDonough says. 

When people speak, some fluid does come out of their mouths, he says. “The mask doesn’t allow us to spread that fluid (as much),” he said. “And if we keep it over our nose, and over our mouth, it protects other people. Certainly, wearing it helps protect us (as well).” 

“There have been studies that show that if you have a mask on, and the other person’s not wearing a mask, it’s dramatic how easily you can get the virus,” he adds. “But if the person’s wearing the mask, the other person does not have as much of a chance to get the virus.” 

The virus does spread through direct contact with other people and surfaces, but it “seems to spread more through droplet nuclei than contact.” 

“We initially thought masks weren’t that big of a deal, (but) everyone should be wearing a mask,” he says. 

And even if you’ve already tested positive for the virus, you should still keep wearing a mask. “I think you’re probably less likely to spread it, because you’ve had it, and you’re (probably) done, but unfortunately we don’t know enough about this virus, and if you get lifelong immunity,” he adds.