Despite health risks, energy drink use on the rise in young adults: study

1010 WINS Newsroom
April 30, 2019 - 1:37 pm
Monster Energy Drink

(Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)


BOSTON (1010 WINS) -- A new study shows young adults are consuming more highly caffeinated energy drinks than ever before.


Researchers took a look at the growing trend and said consumption has surged with college students and adults in their 20s, especially young men.

"The increasing use of energy drinks, especially among young adults, is cause for concern and warrants continued study and surveillance," said senior author Sara Bleich, from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health's department of health policy and management

The drinks are packed with caffeine and, in some cases sugar, which can pose health risks like obesity and diabetes. Some of the drinks contain more than 400 mg of caffeine.

"Although the beverages are marketed to reduce fatigue and improve physical and mental performance, frequent consumption of these highly caffeinated and sugary beverages has been linked to negative health consequences," Bleich added.

Safety concerns are also a factor when drinks are mixed with alcohol, which some experts believe could raise the risk of a car accident.

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