City Views: Fashion designer Raul Penaranda dedicates special 10th anniversary NYFW collection to Colombia

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August 27, 2019 - 2:47 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- New York Fashion Week is back on September 5th thru 13th, and fashionistas from around the world will flock to our city to see the latest designs, styles and trends.

Fashion designer, Raul Penaranda, has been a part of the NYFW calendar for the last decade.  He sat down with City Views host Sharon Barnes-Waters to talk about his journey from a little boy, born in Cali Colombia, to showcasing his own designs and collections.

Penaranda has worked for some of the industry’s top fashion houses such as Oscar De La Renta, Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Karan & Zac Posen. When did he know it was time to branch out and do his own thing?  “In 2008, I was ready to fly on my own. I thought that my wings were big enough and then I applied in 2009 at the official NYFW calendar.  There’s tons of designers applying and only 10 made it and I was one of those, the only Latino.”

David Ganon

Along with being talented, going solo was also costly, but he told Barnes-Waters he had been preparing to finance his dreams for many years. “Because I knew from an early age what I wanted to be, from my first job at Donna Karen I was saving money and by the time I worked at Oscar De La Renta, I had close to a million dollars. I was able to finance it on my own and up to date, no investors, it’s all self-funded. It’s a small company with a big heart and the determination of a big lion.”

So what is the Raul Penaranda style?  He describes it as “basically the perfect balance of two words, seductive without being trashy and elegant without being old. So it’s seductive and sophisticated.” And he told Barnes-Waters about his creative process. “Every collection is inspired by a personal emotion whether it’s happiness or sorry. I’m a story teller and my clothing is the only way I can express it. For example a few years ago somebody broke my heart and that collection was evolution, because I wanted to evolve from that feeling.”

Penaranda will mark this special 10th anniversary as part of NYFW, by dedicating his new collection to his native home of Colombia.  It’s called "Raul Penaranda Es Colombia.” And he says “I want to go back to my roots, I want to celebrate where I come from and I want to show people that yeah you can come from a humble place but with your style your creativity, you can make that root, a trendy element.”

To see and learn more about his collections and to shop at his online store, go to "" and to get the full schedule of NYFW, go to their official website.

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