Carol D'Auria

Cynthia Nixon Tours NYCHA Apartments, Raises Campaign Funds With ‘Unqualified Lesbian’ Buttons

March 28, 2018 - 12:25 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Cynthia Nixon toured the plagued NYCHA Albany houses in Crown Heights on Wednesday.

She took the tour with Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and criticized Gov. Andrew Cuomo. "Gov. Cuomo's not very interested as we'll see at NYCHA today in investing in infrastructure. He's interested in investing in things he can take a picture next to like the 2nd Avenue subway - a renovated station," she told NBC4.

After visiting the apartments, Nixon spoke with a woman who said she was being illegally evicted.

"Please make sure that everybody has a place to live," the crying woman said.

Nixon tried to comfort her, and said "I'm so sorry." She added NYCHA needs more money to fix despicable conditions, but not the way the governor wants to give it out.

Nixon has also appeared in Brownsville and said she wanted to get across her vision for New York state and planned to address greed and corruption in Albany.

She kicked off her campaign last Tuesday, a day after announcing her challenge to Cuomo via Twitter.  She's attemtping to raise campaign funds from the sale of a button that reads 'unqualified lesbian.'

The buttons are for sale on her website. 'Unqualified lesbian' is how former City Council Speaker Christine Quinn described Nixon, before apologizing.

Quinn said she wasn't referring to Nixon's sexual orientation, but her political inexperience.