New York City subway train.

Cynthia Nixon Says Cuomo Had His Chance, Voters Should Let Her Fix The Subway

June 01, 2018 - 10:35 am

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- With the New York City subway still in need of serious repairs and upgrades, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday, that he supports Transit Authority President Andy Byford's $19 billion subway upgrade plan.

On Friday, his challenger, Cynthia Nixon was at Brooklyn's Borough Hall Station, hoping to win over straphangers with her own plan.

Nixon said she and her wife commute on the subway all the time, she suggested Cuomo do the same.

"It's not been a priority for him, and he's never on the subways, and it's not something that his wealthy donors care about," she said.

Nixon told riders she has a plan to raise billions for a subway fix.

"The congestion pricing piece would be the centerpiece of it, but we also need to take some money from a millionaire's tax, and we also need to take some money from a polluter's tax," she said.

Nixon said Cuomo had his chance to fix the system, and that voters should give her a chance.