Cuomo reports 3 new COVID-19 deaths, says gyms won't reopen yet

Maya Rajamani
August 06, 2020 - 1:36 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- New York continues to report “very good” COVID-19 numbers, but the state has no plans to allow gyms to reopen until it is safe to do so, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday. 

Cuomo on Thursday reported three new COVID-19 deaths and 703 new positive tests out of 72,370 tests performed, for a positivity rate of 0.97 percent. As of Thursday, 570 people in the state were hospitalized with COVID-19, 69 of whom were on ventilators, he said. 

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“Incredibly, all the numbers on New York are very good. Even though around us, we see the virus spreading,” Cuomo said during a teleconference. “New York state is, in some ways, an island in the United States, where our numbers are still holding because we work at it every day.” 

The state will not, however, be allowing gyms to reopen, he said, calling them “nationally identified sources of increased infection.” 

“We know gyms are highly problematic. Not from our experience, because we haven’t opened them, but we know from the other states they’ve been highly problematic,” he said. “They opened them, and they had to close them.” 

“We’re here poised delicately on this island of New York state with the sea of spread all around us,” he added. “So we know we have this storm of spread all around us, and we have to be very careful, right?” 

On the topic of school reopenings, Cuomo said the state would make its decisions on a “region-by-region” basis.

“We will have a threshold decision in terms of the viral rate spread, region-by-region across the state,” he said. “We’re not going to open any school unless the viral transmission says we have the virus under control.” 

Parents and teachers will “make the ultimate decision on a practical level,” he noted.

“Within the next several weeks, the parents have to be included, and the parents have to believe the plan makes sense,” he said. “The teachers have to be included, and the teachers have to believe the plan makes sense.”