Cuomo, Molinaro spar during debate: 'When are you going to stop lying?'

David Caplan
October 23, 2018 - 2:28 pm



NEW YORK (1010 WINS) – Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his GOP challenger, Marc Molinaro, sparred Tuesday afternoon during a debate – which will be televised Tuesday night – at the CBS Broadcast Center on Manhattan’s West Side.

The pair attacked each other about a slew of issues, including taxes, cost of living, social issues, the MTA and President Donald Trump. 

Molinaro asking Cuomo, "When are you going to stop lying?" pretty much reflects the tone of the debate. 

When Gov. Cuomo was asked why he isn’t trimming the budget to help New Yorkers get more tax relief, he said, “The cost of taxes, the cost of doing business in the state of New York is just too high and it has been for many, many years. The formula is simple: If you want to lose weight, eat less.”

Cuomo continued, “It’s just hard to do it … What we have done over the past seven years … is we have cut state spending to the lowest increases in modern political history. Our increases are now down to two percent.”

Cumo added, "I've passed seven budgets on time in a row. That hasn't happened since Governor Nelson Rockefeller."

Molinaro wouldn’t have any of Cuomo’s excuses.

“Your budgets have increased spending at an annual rate of 4 percent per year,” Molinaro said. “The problem in New York is that we tax too much. The governor has done nothing to reduce the cost in taxes. I will.”

But Cuomo slammed Molinaro, telling him, “You call yourself a fiscal conservative, you’re a fiscal fraud.”

Molinaro didn’t mince words, saying to Cuomo, “Governor you have led the most corrupt administration in America. Eight of your closest employees have been indicted. You have allowed members of your administration to fraud our tax payers. Stop stealing from real people.”

Molinaro remained relentless, telling Cuomo, “You have allowed individuals in this administration to defraud taxpayers. Anywhere else in America, no governor could possibly be running for re-election."

Cuomo, in turn, took aim at Molinaro aligning himself with conservative voices.

"I do have a problem with what my opponent represents, and is happening in Washington, these extreme conservative, divisive people who are anti-woman, anti-LGBTQ, it's just anti-New York,” Cuomo said.

But Molinaro said he would defend abortion rights, saying, "You'd have to defend Roe v. Wade in New York, as I would."

Molinaro also countered Cuomo's attack, saying, "I don't support rolling back the rights of anyone. As governor of New York, I will absolutely protect the rights of all New Yorkers."

The Republican also lashed out at Cuomo, telling him, "Governor Cuomo, you've escalated the divisiveness. Your description of my life is absolutely disgraceful."

Molinaro also took aim at Cumo’s handling of the MTA’s woes, saying the transportation authority is in a “death spiral.”

"The governor has abandoned responsibility for the #MTA. We've seen it in a total death spiral over the past several years," he said. “Your MTA cost more than anywhere in the world to lay a mile of track. Commuters and consumers deserve better.”

When Cuomo attempted to link Molinaro with the president, Molinaro turned the tables on him. "Do you support Donald Trump?" Cuomo asked. Shot back Molinaro: "You, sir, had him at your bachelor party, I didn't!" (In reality, though, Trump did not attend Cuomo's 1990 bachelor party. He instead recorded a video message for Cuomo, according to The New York Times.)