A hand preparing to write a note.


Couple Accused Of Indecent Exposure, Neighbor Says He’s Sick Of Seeing ‘Little Willy’

May 07, 2018 - 9:49 am

LEMINGTON, ENGLAND (1010 WINS) -- A Lemington couple -- Karin and Jay Stone -- were surprised to receive an angry letter from a neighbor who said he was sick of seeing them walking around naked.

The anonymous writer commented on the size of their body parts in a less than complimentary way -- he used the term 'little Willy' -- while threatening to call the police if they didn't start closing their blinds.

Karin said the letter came as a surprise, and that they haven't been parading around naked, just living a normal life. She said she's considering putting a note in her window that reads, 'stop looking.'