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Councilman Joe Borelli mocks report about Kavanaugh's ice-tossing bar brawl

October 02, 2018 - 2:06 pm

By David Caplan

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- New York City councilman Joe Borelli, a Republican who represents Staten Island, has taken to Twitter to mock a New York Times report about a bar brawl Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was involved in during his junior year at Yale University.

The report cites a New Haven, Conn., police report from 1985. The report says Dom Cozzolino, then 21, told police that Kavanaugh threw ice at him for “some unknown reason.” Cozzolino said he then got hit on the ear with a glass. His ear was bleeding and he went to the hospital for treatment, the report said.

Chad Ludington, a Yale classmate of Kavanaugh’s, told the New York Times the altercation happened while they were drinking at a bar called Demery’s after seeing a concert by the reggae group UB40. He said members of their group had been staring at Cozzolino because they thought he was Ali Campbell, the frontman of UB40. Cozzolino objected to the scrutiny. That's when the scuffle began. 

Borelli first of three tweets reads, "You can take me out of your Supreme Court nomination pool right there with 'altercation at a local bar." Borelli is among many critics of the report who have implied that scuffles at bars, especially during college years, is commonplace.

Then, taking a cue from the water-based projectile Kavanaugh allegedly tossed, Borelli followed suit by tweeting a GIF of a snowball fight scene from the Will Ferrell movie "Elf," writing, "BREAKING: video emerges in alleged Kavanaugh bar incident." 

And in a third tweet, Borelli posted a GIF of a trio of men being doused with ice water as part of 2014's Ice Bucket Challenge. "REPORT: FBI “pouring” over thousands of Ice Bucket Challenge videos from 2014 in effort to identify Brett Kavanaugh," Borelli wrote.