CORONAVIRUS IN NY STATE: Deaths rise by 330 to 17,968; total cases statewide now 295,106

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April 29, 2020 - 11:45 am

    NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday that the death toll in New York state from the coronavirus was nearing 18,000.

    Cuomo said 330 more people had died from the coronavirus since Tuesday, bringing the state's death toll to 17,968.

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    "The decline has been slow at best and still disgustingly high," Cuomo said of the deaths.

    There are 295,106 coronavirus cases in New York state.

    The governor said key indicators about hospitalizations, ICU admissions and intubations for COVID-19 were down but that the number of people hospitalized with the virus had ticked up to 957 patients Wednesday.

    "We don’t want to see 1,000 new cases every day," Cuomo said. "We'd like to see that in the low hundreds."

    The governor said he is issuing an executive order to allow elective surgeries to begin in some counties Upstate, but not in hard-hit counties surrounding New York City.

    Cuomo said New York state has tested over 2,000 first responders for COVID-19 antibodies and that the preliminary results found 17.1 percent of FDNY/ETM members were positive and 10.5 percent of NYPD members were positive.

    He announced that the antibody testing of transit workers was beginning and that an initial 1,000 workers would be tested this week to determine the spread.

    The governor also took time to slam Sen. Mitch McConnell again over his resistance to sending more federal money to localities and states battling the coronavirus. McConnell recently sent out a press release suggesting there wouldn't be a "blue state bailout."

    "New York state bails them out every year. They’re not bailing us out," Cuomo said. "We bail them out every year. New York state pays $29 billion into that federal pot."

    "If there was going to be one moment to hit the pause button, the moment would be now," Cuomo said of partisanship in Washington. "You have human suffering, you have people dying. You can’t stop the politics even in this moment? Even in this moment when people are dying all across the country you still want to play your politics? That's what this is about and that’s why it is so disturbing on a fundamental level."

    Cuomo showed off a collage of thousands of masks that had been sent to New York state to emphasize that Americans should come together.

    "This is just people's way of saying we care and we want to help," Cuomo said while standing next to the masks sent from across the country. "This is what Americans are about. A little bit more of this, and a little bit less of the partisanship and the ugliness, and this country would be a better place."

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