CORONAVIRUS IN NY STATE: 507 more deaths bring toll to over 13,000; state to begin 'most aggressive' antibody testing in nation

1010 WINS Newsroom
April 19, 2020 - 12:25 pm

    NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Sunday that New York will do the "most aggressive" antibody testing in the nation, giving officials an idea of how widespread the virus is so they can begin to plan for the restarting of the economy after a month of statewide closures.

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    Cuomo said thousands of antibody tests will be taken this week across the state, which will give an idea of how many people were affected by coronavirus and have the antibodies.

    He said the test has been approved by the FDA and will be rolling out this week "to do the largest survey of any state population that has been done."

    "So we'll have the first real statistical number on exactly where we are as a population," Cuomo said. "This will be the first true snapshot of what we’re dealing with."

    Cuomo said the antibody testing will help inform how the state moves out of its so-called "pause" and begins to restart the economy.

    At his daily briefing, Cuomo said another 507 people died since Saturday from the coronavirus in New York state, bringing the death toll above 13,000.

    Although the number was below the 540 who died Friday and the 630 who died Thursday, it is still above 500, where it has been all month.

    Around 13,239 people have now lost their lives to the virus in the state and at least 236,732 people have tested positive.

    Cuomo said 1,300 more people were hospitalized with the virus Saturday but that hospitalizations, ICU admissions and intubations are down.

    "But that's good news only compared to the terrible news that we were living with, which is that constant increase," Cuomo said.

    The total number of hospitalizations statewide was down to 16,213 Saturday after staying around 18,000 and then 17,000 for about a week.

    Cuomo said the numbers show "we are on the other side of the plateau and the numbers are coming down," but that "we still have to make sure we keep the beast under control." He said antibody testing will help reach that goal.

    "We are past the high point and all indications at this point is that we are on the descent," Cuomo said.

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