City Views: ‘Kings Against Violence Initiative’ Takes On A Serious Public Health Issue

May 31, 2018 - 5:00 am

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Dr. Robert Gore is the Founder and Executive Director of the Kings Against Violence Initiative.

Gore works as an ER physician at Kings County and Downstate hospitals in Brooklyn. He recently appeared on City Views to discuss his mission to help young people before they get to the emergency room.

According to the CDC, homicide is the primary cause of death for black males between 15 and 34. Dr. Gore says it's a public health issue -- that's why he launched KAVI.

“We created KAVI to create a face and give names and really be in a position to advocate for the health and well-being for young people who have been affected and impacted by violence and trauma,” he said.

Dr. Gore said stemming the violence is about more than saying 'put down your weapons.'

"If you just tell a bunch of people who have been involved in certain types of activities that they're likely to increase their ability to be shot or killed, and you say I need you to stop fighting, but they're coming in from, 'I need to protect myself,' you have to make sure you have some kind of system in place that’s going to figure out, what else can they do," he said.

He said fighting the problem comes down to overall, comprehensive wellness.

“In health we focus on the disease. We’re not looking at how we can achieve overall wellness. You have accessibility to firearms, you have what brings people to pick up firearms to begin with, you have mental health," he explained.

KAVI has three programs; schools based interventions, community based interventions, and hospital based interventions.  The initiative's mission is to offer youth focused interventions while providing safe alternatives to interpersonal violence.