City Views: Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, Creator and Writer of La Borinqueña

October 24, 2018 - 5:00 am

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez is a social activist and comic book writer. Last week he joined City Views to discuss a project that was born in the aftermath of crisis

In response to the needs of Puerto Rico, he created La Borinqueña -- the first Afro-Latina superhero. His latest anthology tackles the subject of a hurricane that hits the Island.  La Borinqueña is joined by DC Comics icons Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and more to help in the aftermath.

"I didn't create it because I wanted to make my mark in comics. It was really because I saw a humanitarian crisis affecting Puerto Rico and no one is talking about this," he said.

From her flag inspired costume to her Afro-Latina looks, La Borinqueña gives hope to the people of Puerto Rico and reminds them to never give up.

The comic's success has allowed him to help raise money. "My wife decides to create a grants program and she says let's actually outreach to small local organizations on the island that often times get overlooked," Miranda-Rodriguez said.

So far he has raised over $150,000 -- with nine micro grants of $10,000 -- which is contributing to the reconstruction in Puerto Rico.

For more information on making a donation, you can go to the website: