'Irate' Man Calls 911 Over Cold McDonald's Burger, Fries

July 05, 2018 - 2:26 pm

Here's a public service announcement: Police don't do double duty as customer service reps for fast-food chains. 

That's a message that a Canadian police department has been forced to remind its constituents, after a man called 911 to complain that his McDonald's order, delivered via UberEats, was cold.

Police in Hamilton, Ontario -- located about an hour west of Toronto -- said that an "irate" man first complained to the McDonald's outlet where his order was picked up, about his cold hamburger and french fries, CTV News. reports. A dispute then erupted over whose fault it was: McDonald's or UberEats.

"He was extremely upset," Hamilton police spokesperson Jackie Penman told CTV News. "There was a communication between the officers and the individual. They brought him to an understanding that it wasn’t a police matter."

Surprisingly -- or perhaps, not surprisingly, given the severity of one's hunger -- 911 dispatchers are all too familiar with similar episodes: Last month elsewhere in Ontario, a woman and her son called 911 to complain about a pizza order. And in 2015, an Ohio woman was arrested after calling 911 to complain about her Chinese food order. 

The mad McDonald's customer was not charged, but like in the U.S., improper use of 911 in Canada can lead to charges of public mischief.

Hamilton Police's Penman said, "These types of calls are more common than you think. Nuisance calls can tie up the lines and make it harder for people to get in touch with our dispatchers in the case of an emergency."

She added, "911 isn’t a customer service or general information line. The system is certainly meant for life and death emergencies. A cold hamburger and fries certainly does not constitute that."