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Black freshman targeted with racist prank at Eleanor Roosevelt High School: report

March 26, 2019 - 10:54 am

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- The principal at the sought-after Eleanor Roosevelt High School on the Upper East Side cut classes short on Monday.

He did so to meet with parents, students, and staff for a discussion about a disturbing incident that happened last week.

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Sources say two students; one white, the other Middle Eastern, pulled a racist prank on the only African-American freshman girl in the school. Reports say the girls are accused of handing her a feminine hygiene product with a racist message written on it.

“I felt really infuriated; not really surprised,” said junior Veda Faust. “The place where you have to be for the next four years is somewhere where you feel like you don’t belong. Where people don’t want you there and you’re not welcome.”

Students told the Daily News that the school's admission policies might be contributing to a biased atmosphere.

“I think that El-Ro really preaches this whole diverse and this whole accepting environment, where it's actually really hard to create that when you have an almost entirely white school body,” said another student.

Only 3 percent of students at Eleanor Roosevelt are black.

Miranda Barbot, a spokesperson for the City Education Department, said officials had investigated the incident and disciplinary action would be taken.

“Principal Saliani sent a school-wide letter and met with families to reaffirm the importance of a safe and supportive school environment,” Barbot said. “We are continuing to provide support to the school community.”

Both of the students are said to have been suspended.

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