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Bingeing And Driving: Alarming number of people watch Netflix behind the wheel

October 12, 2018 - 9:43 am

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Texting, reading emails, and binge watching videos -- the list goes on and on about what some drivers are doing behind the wheel.

A new study found distracted driving is much worse than previously believed.

Some 41 percent of people are regularly texting while they drive. The bad habits don't end there; according to a survey 1 in 10 people even take time to look at YouTube or Netflix.

One truck driver on his way into the city from Queens said he saw an egregious example this morning.

"Looking at something on their phone and drinking coffee at the same time, while they were driving, because I told her put your stuff down, she goes, 'I'm just goes I'm just drinking my coffee," he said. spokesperson Laura Adams said even a second spent looking at your phone can be deadly.

"A really good reality of check is to think about how much ground you're covering per second. If you're going 55 miles an hour, you're covering 80 feet a second. So even just glancing down at your phone for four seconds means you've covered the length of a football field," said Adams. "Even if you're a good driver, there are a lot of people out there that are not good drivers, and you need to be very defensive and make sure your driving skills are sharp." she said.