Cops say three men were running a heroin ring out of a Long Island barber shop.

Suffolk County Police

Authorities: Long Island barber shop offered haircuts, sold heroin instead

October 25, 2018 - 2:05 pm

PORT JEFFERSON, NY (1010 WINS) -- Cops on Long Island say a barber shop called the Mancave, was really a drug den.

Three men have been arrested in connection with a major drug trafficking ring; 41-year-old Juan 'Willy' Lopez-Enriquez, 64-year-old Santiago 'Old Man' Tavarez, and 33-year-old Carlos Encarnacion were named in a 53-count indictment.

"The Man Cave gave barbershop customers a choice of hair styles and a choice of drugs," Suffolk County District Attorney Sini said in a press release. "When they should have been focusing on cutting hair, these defendants were in the back room, cutting fentanyl and cocaine."

Lopez-Enriquez, the manager and a barber, is accused of coordinating the sale of drugs, while Encarnacion and Tavarez allegedly did the leg work.

The DA says the men brought in $50,000 a month from their illicit enterprise, while putting the community at risk.

"What's more is that they were telling customers that they were selling heroin, when in fact they were selling pure fentanyl," Sini said. "This is an extremely common, and extremely dangerous, tactic used by drug dealers to make a higher profit at the expense of others' lives."

Authorities say search warrants executed earlier in October turned up a loaded handgun, a box of ammunition, a hydraulic kilo press, two scales, packaging materials, 20 grams of cocaine, and 200 grams of a a cutting agent.

The men face anywhere from three to twenty years in prison on the individual weapons and drug charges against them.