German police review handling of far-right protests

September 23, 2018 - 10:42 am

BERLIN (AP) — Police in the German city of Dortmund say they will examine whether they were tough enough in handling a pair of far-right demonstrations during which they say an anti-Semitic slogan was chanted.

The protests took place Friday, one attended by about 100 people and the other by 75. Police deployed around 80 officers, and say some of the demonstrators illegally set off fireworks.

In a statement Sunday, police said they filed a criminal complaint regarding the anti-Semitic chant and will work with prosecutors to determine whether any crime was committed. They said they aim to combat far-right extremism "with all the means of the state of law" and a group will follow up whether Friday's deployment did justice to that.

Police say a court had rejected restrictions on the protests.

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