CORONAVIRUS IN NY STATE: 157 deaths as new cases jump to 5,000; 20,000 cases statewide

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March 23, 2020 - 2:44 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- The coronavirus death toll climbed to 157 in New York, and the state now represents 1 percent of all coronavirus deaths worldwide, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday.

The number is up from 114 deaths reported Sunday.

There are 20,000 coronavirus cases in New York -- 5,000 of those are new, Cuomo said. There were 78,000 total people tested in New York -- 16,000 overnight. 

2,635 people -- or 13% -- are hospitalized; of that number, 621 people (24%) are in ICU, Cuomo said.

Coronavirus NY 3/23
Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Office

There are 12,305 cases of the virus in the five boroughs—3,260 more than the day before.

25 percent of all testing nationwide is being done in New York.

Cuomo also said he is issuing an emergency order that ALL hospitals must increase their capacity by 50 percent. 100 percent capacity is the goal but 50 percent is the mandate.

Speaking from the Javits Center on Monday, Cuomo said construction of four 250-bed federal emergency hospitals will be built in the Javits Center over the next 7 to 10 days.

The hospitals are being built by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Construction material for the hospitals had already started to arrive as Cuomo spoke.

Each of the hospitals will be 40,000 square feet and be staffed by 320 federal staff members.

"This is the first time I think they've ever built a hospital in the Javits Center," Cuomo said.

In total, the Javits Center will have beds for 1,000 people on the showroom floor, the governor said. 

"Besides those 1,000 units, which are designed to provide a backfill for the hospitals, to free beds in the hospitals, we'll be using these 1,000 emergency beds," Cuomo said.

He said they also hope to construct another 1,000 beds for additional medical care to lighten the load on overwhelmed hospitals.

"So we could get a 2,000-bed capacity in this facility," Cuomo said.

The governor said the state has 53,000 hospital beds but is projecting it will need 110,000 beds.

Cuomo also said that as of Tuesday, New York will begin using FDA-approved drug trials for very sick coronavirus patients.

Cuomo update March 23

"This can go on for several months ... this is our new reality," Cuomo said.

Many will get the virus -- possibly 80 percent, Cuomo said but most will not be in danger.

Although the New York order to stay home is officially in effect, Cuomo said we all need to continue to practice social distancing but remain "spiritually connected."

The governor said we need to control the density in order to help reduce the spread of coronavirus, especially in NYC. This is especially among young people, Cuomo said.

Some famous New Yorkers, including Robert De Niro, took to Twitter to help spread the "stay home, save lives" message.


Cuomo also said 30,000 retired healthcare workers are answering the call and have enlisted to help in New York's coronavirus response.

"We need the federal government to use the Defense Production Act so that we can get the medical supplies we desperately need. We can’t just wait for companies to come forward with offers and hope they will. This is a national emergency," Cuomo added.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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