AOC: Tessa Majors murder case a ‘tragedy on multiple levels’

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February 22, 2020 - 6:15 pm
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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NEW YORK (1010 WINS) – Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said the murder of Tessa Majors, the Barnard College freshman who was stabbed to death during a robbery in December, was a “tragedy on multiple levels.”

AOC made the comments to reporters before a town hall on the 2020 Census in Queens Saturday, according to WPIX.

“You have the horrific tragedy of a young woman’s life being taken and so much potential,” she said. “But then you have a tragedy of a young boy that was driven to that point, taken to that point. And I think that tragedy is also one of inter-generational poverty, potentially a broken home, a lack of opportunity.”

Two 14-year-old boys pleaded not guilty Wednesday to murder in Majors’ death, two months after she was stabbed at Morningside Park.

Tessa Majors
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Manhattan prosecutors said that Rashaun Weaver stabbed the 18-year-old during a Dec. 11 robbery and that Luchiano Lewis prevented her from escaping as she called for help.

A 13-year-old has also been charged, but his name has not been released because he is being tried as a juvenile.

An attorney for Lewis said he had no comment on the charges. A phone message was left with an attorney for Weaver.

Weaver was arrested on Feb. 14 and Lewis was arrested Wednesday after a two-month investigation into the stabbing in Morningside Park near the Barnard campus in upper Manhattan.

Prosecutors say Majors fought back against her attackers and DNA from her fingernails matched Weaver's DNA. They say Weaver was heard on an audio recording describing hitting Majors with a knife.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.