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Hundreds of angry travelers stranded at JFK Airport amid fiasco

November 03, 2018 - 11:50 am

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Hundreds of weary passengers were stranded and sleeping on the floor at JFK Airport after they were diverted there because of a problem with their plane.

The furious passengers were camped out at Terminal 7 waiting to go home to England Saturday after vacationing in Florida.

Photos taken at the terminal show a scene of misery, with men, women and children asleep on the ground or propped up against luggage.

The livid passengers told 1010 WINS’ Carol D'Auria that their British Airways plane, Flight BA2036, initially departed from Orlando Thursday, only to turn back because of a problem with the plane's braking system.

They were given a hotel room in Orlando and took off a second time, only to be diverted to JFK Friday for the same braking problem. 

They said there are no hotel rooms in the city because of Sunday’s big marathon, so they're stuck at the terminal. 

One passenger told D'Auria it's intolerable, without any amenities. 

"Potato chips and some Oreos. That's the food that everybody's being offered. A case of bottled water was left on the floor," he said.

Another passenger from Surrey, England, told D'Auria that animals would be treated better.

"I think if you were treating animals like this, you would have the animal welfare offices around going absolutely mental," the passenger, Kelly George, said. 

Windy weather forecast for the New York region on Saturday could muck things up even more for the already distressed travelers. 

Wendy Murphy was among those who took to Twitter to air her frustrations with British Airways. 

“Over 30HRS without any sleep, 13Hrs without a single meal, stuck at JFK after emergency landing from Orlando. No promised hotels booked (only for staff). No food no drinks, no seats, no info, no organization ???????,” Murphy tweeted.

Emma Hardwick also chimed in: The debacle continues!! Omg @British_Airways what are you doing? We set off on a faulty plane, head back to Orlando, then change and divert to NYC only to find out there’s no accommodation or staff!! What the hell?!? Over 400 people stranded with no communication.”


John Chapman posted a photo of a young girl, who he said was a 7-year-old cancer survivor, sleeping on the airport floor. "Thanks for nothing," he wrote to British Airways.