New York City subway train.

'Subway Surfer' Caught On Camera Has Done This Before, Cops Say

July 12, 2018 - 11:04 am

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Remember the guy who was caught on video hitching a ride on a Brooklyn C train by hanging outside the closed doors?

Classic NYC craziness. Why ride inside the car when you can level up your urban surfing skills? Had to post the full video to prove he was still alive at the end. . . . . #urbansurfing #commute #mta #subwaycreatures #subway #grip #steez #skills #brooklyn #ctrain #goingyourway #clintonhill #justanormalday #entertainment #danger #dontrythisathome #prosonly #wild #gottago #subwaysurfer #subwaysurfing #skylarking @humansofny @subwaycreatures

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Matthew Beary who shot the video said it looked like the guy was quite familiar with the procedure -- that observation was spot on.

It turns out Isaiah Thomas of Bed Stuy has been busted for doing this a number of times. It happened 4 times last year, and again on Thursday, when cops armed with the video arrested him at his home.

“I’d never seen anybody do it before,” Beary told The New York Post. “I’ve seen warnings about it on the subway. I just wanted to take the video because I thought it was awesome and also scary as hell.”

"He's so confident," Beary added.

New York City Transity President Andy Byford didn't mince words about the incident.

“This young man is lucky he ended up in police custody and not in a hospital or worse.” he said in a statement.

Thomas is charged with reckless endangerment, as has happened in the past.