Actor Frank Grillo on his new Netflix series -- and the next generation of Marvel

October 25, 2018 - 2:29 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Actor Frank Grillo has the late Anthony Bourdain to thank for inspiring his new, five-part Netflix documentary "Fightworld," in which he travels the world exploring different fight cultures.

In the series, he travels to Mexico, Myanmar, Thailand, Senegal and Israel. 

"The genesis of it was, I was a huge Anthony Bourdain fan, and I loved what he did and how he explored culture through food," Grillo told 1010 WINS. "And I’ve traveled all over the world and was always in gyms and kind of made relationships with the fighters, and through the fighters, explored the cultures I was in. I pitched it to Netflix and I was on a plane."

Grillo said he doesn't have a favorite locale. "They all individually had things that I loved about them," he said. "The place that I was most surprised by was Israel ... Being an American. we have a certain pre-disposed idea of what that part of the world is, what their struggle is. And without being political, I found it to be very different than I imagined it to be."

Grillo said the fighters were receptive to him, because he could relate to them. "I have to tell you because I fight, and I train, they see you're one of them, the world is open to you," he said.

As for his role as the super villain Crossbones in the Marvel films, his time has come to move on, like the other actors, Grillo said.

"Chris Evans is done," he said. "I think  Downney at 52 is probably a little too old to keep that going. And they're all very, very rich. That whole group has aged out. It's time for those new guys to come in. I’m out. There's a new iteration of different characters like Black Panther and all those guys will start to take over. Marvel has changed the movie business, and its been 10 years of one success after the next and I don’t think they’ve had a failure yet."