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WTVD(ATLANTIC BEACH, N.C.) -- When a 17-year-old North Carolina girl was attacked by a shark, her dad fought back, hitting the animal "with everything I could...Read more

iStock/Thinkstock(CHICAGO) -- A heartbreaking story of an unborn baby being cut from his mother's abdomen has become even more tragic.

Authorities...Read more

WTVD(RALIEGH, N.C.) -- In 1952, two deputies in Wake County, North Carolina, hung Lynn Council, an African American man, from a tree when he wouldn't confess to...Read more

amriphoto/iStock(MOUNT PLEASANT, Pa.) -- Two people died Thursday after being struck by lightning at a park in Pennsylvania, authorities said.

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ABC News(NEW YORK) -- A storm system and cold front moved through the Northeast on Thursday, producing flash flooding and severe storms from Virginia to...Read more

Courtesy Josh Obeidin(NEW YORK) -- Josh McClatchy knew finding water would be a problem if he was to survive after getting lost in the Arkansas woods last week...Read more

WABC-TV(FAIRFIELD, N.J.) -- A New Jersey mother and her son escaped near tragedy on Thursday night when she was attacked by a coyote in a neighborhood park....Read more

Courtesy Erin Weaver via KTRK(HOUSTON) -- A Texas woman who took a photo of a live alligator with a knife in its head said she and her neighbors are concerned...Read more

Darwin Brandis/iStock(NEW YORK) -- Maine is now the latest state to allow medically assisted suicide, and advocates believe that there are many more states to...Read more

Norwalk Police Department(NORWALK, Conn.) -- A man was arrested Wednesday in the 1986 cold case murder of an 11-year-old Connecticut girl who was strangled...Read more