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carlballou/iStock(CONCORD, Calif.) -- A 60-year-old man was shot and killed by police after allegedly causing his 85- and 90-year-old parents “serious injuries...Read more

Google Maps Street View(CEDAR HILLS, UT) --  A substitute teacher from Utah was fired after she allegedly told a classroom full of fifth-graders that "...Read more

Zummolo/iStock(NEW YORK) -- At the age of 28, John Sinclair was arrested in 1969 for possessing two marijuana joints and sent to prison for nearly three years....Read more

Metro Nashville Police Department(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) --  Police are searching for four teenagers, including two accused of murder, who escaped from a juvenile...Read more

iStock(WASHINGTON) -- At 72, Saifullah Paracha is Guantanamo Bay’s oldest detainee by some stretch. A number of health problems could be expected to befall any...Read more

iStock(NEW ORLEANS) -- Eleven people have been shot in New Orleans leaving 2 in critical condition early Sunday morning.

The shooting happened...Read more

iStock(GAS CITY, Ind.) -- A 19-year-old Indiana woman -- described by her pastor as a "bubbly young lady who had a bright future" -- was fatally shot when a 22-...Read more

iStock(VAN BUREN, Maine) -- A man was shot and killed after he set off a booby trap in his own home on Thanksgiving night.

Ronald Cyr, 65, of Van...Read more

iStock(MINEOLA, N.Y.) -- A Long Island man has been arrested after several mutilated dead cats were discovered wrapped in duct tape in the trash chute of the...Read more

ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Weather alerts are posted across the country in over 30 states from coast to coast.

There are 2 storms impacting the U.S....Read more