Ott Family via ABC4Utah

7-Year-Old Girl Calls 911, Saves Toddler Sister's Life

July 03, 2018 - 11:06 am

ST. GEORGE, UTAH (1010WINS) -- She may not realize it now, but a one-year-old Utah girl has her big sister to thank for saving her life.

Seven-year-old Dylann Ott was playing outside, when her sister Blake was spotted in the home's pool. While their mom began performing CPR on the tot, Dylann sprung into action and called 911 from her mom's phone, News4Utah reported.

"Our baby fell in the pool, and we can't get her back alive," Dylann calmly told the dispatcher during the call, which was released by police. 

The pair's mom, Andee Ott, said, "Pulled her out and all of her color was a blue tinge and her lip color ... she wasn't breathing at all and there was just no life to her, and I knew I couldn't lay her down in the backyard because I felt no one was going to hear me, and so I ran through the house and I just started screaming to Dylann, 'Dylann, Dylann dial 911, dial 911.'"

The mom admits, "It's so hard to think I put so much pressure on my 7-year-old, but she was amazing. I told her the phone was inside somewhere. I didn't know where, I couldn't think, and I just had to start working on my baby."

"I remember as I'm doing these chest compressions on Blake, I could hear Dylann talking and ... she just was so calm,” Andee said.

Blake was breathing again by the time help arrived, and flown to Primary Children's Hospital.

As of Monday, she was home and doing well.