60 Cats -- 60 Days! Animal Care Centers of NYC Launches Appeal For Cat Fosters

Susan Richard
August 08, 2018 - 4:28 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) 60 cats. 60 days.

That's the goal of Animal Care Centers of New York City, which has been overwhelmed by an influx of kittens during these warm months typically known as kitten season.

And so, they're launching a 60 cats/60 days appeal, to free up space by placing that many adult cats in foster homes for two months.

"All of the cats available for fostering are already spayed and neutered, vaccinated and microchipped," says ACC Director of Marketing and Communication Katy Hansen. "They're just mellow fellows who want to hang out and need to look out a window".

Hansen notes that adopters are certainly welcome, but if you're not ready to commit, fostering is a great way to test the waters.  And if you're worried that you don't have the space, don't be. "Cats don't require too much room," says Hansen. "They just want a place to hang out, maybe run around a little bit.  They're really perfect for apartments."

Foster caregivers receive food, bedding, litter, treats, and veterinary support as needed.

Here are some of  the kitties available for fostering:

Abby (35564) A volunteer writes: Abby is a shy boy who enjoys being being petted and spoken to in soft tones. He was subdued when I visited, but when I sat and talked to him for a while and offered to give him a pet, he accepted. Finding his comfort level, he got up and came to the front of his condo to get more. He made it known that attention is what he's about and lap sitting was his special goal. He's a "big boy" at almost 15 pounds and a solid body beaut! In an active and sometimes noisy place, he's a bit tenuous about his surroundings, but Abby welcomed and especially enjoyed gentle head and chin scratches along with some engaging conversation. As a young adult coming from another home, Abby may need to take his time in a new home, but he's lived with people and this writer thinks he will make the adjustment when he's comfortable and at ease in a calmer, quieter setting (and doesn't have the stimulus and smells of the ACC keep him on his guard?). Abby is looking for someone to dote on him and to help him make his permanent "get-away" to his forever home." Available at Manhattan ACC: 326 East 110th Street (between 1st and 2nd Aves.)

Taupe (35932) A staff member writes: "Taupe is a very sweet boy! He keeps his kennel so neat! Taupe will patiently wait to get fed and have his litter box changed. He is such a good boy! He loves being pet and spoken to. Taupe is a cool cat! He is very chill and laid back. He is such a handsome man with pretty colors in his coat! Taupe is at our Staten Island location, so come by and meet this cool cat today." Available at Staten Island ACC: 3139 Veterans Road West.

Dougie (29948) A volunteer writes: "Dougie is a lively young cat with some truly outstanding talent. He has yet to meet a pipe-cleaner or a toy mouse he couldn't catch! Dougie has a soft and chirpy sounding purr that goes nonstop while he enthusiastically tosses, chases, and catches his toys. Although he is young and quite playful, Dougie has excellent manners and takes quick breaks from his toy responsibilities to cuddle with whomever has taken time to play with him. He's really been a complete sweetheart with staff and volunteers and is clearly endless fun (also cuddles and naps when resting from playtime). Dougie will bring his very special blend of expert toy wrangling, chirpy purrs, and love to his new family.” Available at Manhattan ACC: 326 East 110th St.

Zoe (34320) A volunteer writes: "Zoe is such an amazing kitty! You just can't pass her kennel and not stop to take a look at her. You may think that she seems uninterested at first, but if you give her the chance and a little time, she becomes so open to petting, starts purring and headbutts you gently. She is also a natural for the camera! She will pose and stop for a few seconds as if she knew you were getting the photo shoot ready. But do not be fooled by her affectionate, calmly self, she also loves play time and goes crazy for her feathered wand.” Available at Brooklyn ACC: 2336 Linden Boulevard.

If you're interested, Potential fosters will be asked to fill out a short foster questionnaire and should email foster@nycacc.org, or stop by any of the 3 care centers where you'll will be matched with a feline friend.

  • Manhattan - 326 East 110th Street
  • Brooklyn - 2336 Linden Boulevard
  • Staten Island - 3139 Veterans Road West

Hours are 12pm-8pm Monday through Friday and 10am-6pm Saturday and Sunday.

Get more info HERE.