22 Minutes With Kenny Loggins

Brigitte Quinn
April 20, 2018 - 11:18 am

In this installment of “22 Minutes,” 1010 WINS anchor Brigitte Quinn sits down with Grammy winning singer, songwriter, and guitarist Kenny Loggins.

Loggins discussed his extensive career in music, his humanitarian work, and more.

BQ: Did you ever think “Footloose” would become such a box-office smash?

KL: We had no idea. I think one of the reasons it worked was because the music was written before they filmed it so the dancing that was done was done to the real music. In Hollywood, music is usually the bastard step-child of movies and so to bring the music in early meant they were actually dancing to the real song. I think that’s why the movie works on that level.

BQ: How did you come up with “I’m Alright?”

KL: There’s a thing that directors do where they’ll put in temp music so you watch a screening with the idea of the kind of music that they want. In the opening of the movie, they had a Dylan song so I assessed that they were after that this kid was kind of a rebel at heart and they wanted to present him as a sort of rebellious character that would stand up to authority eventually. “I’m Alright” came from the idea and just giving that attitude to it.

BQ: I have to ask you about “Danny’s Song.” It’s just such a great story, one of those songs I think people still listen to.

KL: My big brother wrote to me after his child was born. A number of lines from the song are directly from his letter. He was totally cool with it, it was an act of love.

BQ: So in the 70s, you’re part of an amazing pop duo. The 80s you’re collaborating. How does a person’s life change when you start having that kind of fame and success?

KL: We started in smaller rooms and before you know it we were opening in arenas. It’s funny how things change so quickly. You get used to that.

Check out the full interview in the video above.

About Kenny Loggins:

Kenny Loggins’ remarkable four-decade-plus career has brought him from the top of the charts to the toast of the Grammys. He’s had smash hits on Hollywood’s favorite soundtracks, rocked worldwide stages, and found his way into children’s hearts while bringing his soulful, beautiful voice to platinum albums of a stunning variety of genres. His gift for crafting deeply emotional music is unparalleled, and it’s been a part of his life as long as he can remember.