22 Minutes With Adrian Grenier

Brigitte Quinn
April 20, 2018 - 12:21 pm

In this installment of “22 Minutes,” 1010 WINS anchor Brigitte Quinn sits down with “Entourage” actor and star of the upcoming film “Marauders,” Adrian Grenier.

The film, which comes out July 1, follows the story of brutal bank heist and the FBI’s investigation a larger conspiracy at play. Grenier stars alongside Bruce Willis, Christopher Meloni, and Dave Bautista.

AG: It’s such a fun ride and there’s so many twists. You really watch movies for the twists, right? Especially the action movies. And they have some really smart ones in this movie. It’s a heist movie, who doesn’t love a good heist movie? You start to follow the money trail up the ladder to the bigger conspiracy of corruption. It’s pretty cool.

BQ: Your character, an FBI agent, is kind of a straight-arrow guy, at least at the start.

AG: That’s one of the really cool themes of the movie, what is right and what is wrong. Everybody has their moral compass and they’re all at odds with one another. At the end of the day you start to see it unravel, but there’s a lot of ambiguity, which I think is cool.

BQ: How is it working with the cast?

AG: The cast is so awesome. We shot this movie in 16 days. The scenes are good, the character development is solid and on point and there’s a lot of action. We were were just whipping through it, we were undaunted.

BQ: What makes that possible?

AG: A cast that knew what they were doing and a director who really had a vision and he came in like military, the precision of filming. He didn’t shoot things that he didn’t need. When you have a master director like Steven Miller, it was worth the trust.

BQ: Last summer at this time, you were promoting “Entourage.” That had to be a fun ride.

AG: It certainly was and it continues to bring me lots of memories and joys and of course people remind me of how much of a positive influence we had on people (laughs). Say what you will about our influence on society, but we brought families together.

Check out the full interview in the video above.

About Adrien Grenier:

Adrian Grenier is an actor, musician, director and producer; he is a non-fiction, multimedia storyteller best known for his acting role in the Emmy-nominated HBO series, “Entourage.”