Swimming sign at Fire Island.


2 Sharks Captured Near Fire Island, Day After Attacks On 2 Youths

July 19, 2018 - 4:40 pm

ISLIP, N.Y. (1010 WINS) -- Just as the beaches were reopened Thursday, swimmers were again ordered out of the water at Atlantique Beach on Fire Island, after a shark was spotted just a day after two kids were bit in separate incidents just minutes and miles apart.

In a development that unnerved many, two sharks were caught then released Thursday morning just off the shoreline, and WABC-TV shared video of the capture. Town of Islip officials confirmed an 8-foot sand shark was caught 50 yards west of Atlantique Beach.

Lola Pollina, 12, spotted a fin Wednesday just before she was attacked at Sailor's Haven Beach.

"I ran out to my mom and my leg was all like bloody," she said.

Fifteen minutes later and less than 5 miles away at Atlantique Beach, lifeguard Craig Amorando said a 13-year-old bleeding boy stumbled ashore.

"He was alert the whole time, he was scared of course, but he was a brave boy," he said.

The tooth pulled from the brave boy is believed to belong to a sand shark, also known as a sand tiger shark.