1010 WINS taste test: Chex Mix's new Spicy Dill, Buffalo Ranch flavors

David Caplan
August 20, 2019 - 6:20 pm

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- When Chex Mix recently debuted Spicy Dill and Buffalo Ranch to its MAX'D collection, 1010 WINS' army of  taste testers saw an opportunity: To fill their stomachs, and of course, conduct a scientific culinary study.

General Mills describes Spicy Dill as "flavor blasted dill pickle Chex cereal pieces with spicy mix of pretzels, mini breadsticks, and crispy crackers. The flavor punch consumers crave and new textures unlike any other salty snack."

Similarly, Buffalo Ranch is described as "flavor blasted spicy buffalo Chex cereal pieces with ranch mix of pretzels, mini breadsticks, and crispy crackers."

Both products offer "the flavor punch consumers crave and new textures unlike any other salty snack."

OK, so here's what our 1010 WINS taste testers Walter Geis, Kimmy Dole and David Caplan thought:


Walter Geis: "I generally like pickle flavor… and not just after a shot of whiskey ... but I like the spicy versions even better. This Spicy Dill flavor takes Chex Mix to a whole new level. I’m a big fan."

Kimmy Dole: "Proceed with caution! They’re a lot spicier than I anticipated, and it drowns out the dill flavor. I’m into spicy food, so I really liked them, but make sure you have some water around before diving into a bag."

David Caplan: "I love anything pickle-flavored, so I was very psyched to try these. Yes, they are dilly -- BUT they are way too spicy for me. So much so, that the dill flavor got lost in the spiciness! Bottom line: I wouldn't get these again."

1010 WINS taste testers Walter Geis and Kimmy Dole 

1010 WINS taste tester David Caplan


Walter Geis: "The buffalo flavor isn’t as bold as I’d like it to be and I couldn’t really taste the ranch. I also don’t like the way the flavor powder on the Chex pieces gives them more of a cheese puff feel. I’ll stick with chicken wings when I want my buffalo fix."

Kimmy Dole: "The spiciness is much more subtle but they’re still pretty good. Every other chip is spicy so it’s good for anyone wanting just a little kick."

David Caplan: "These are great across the board. Not too spicy and they have a great ranch flavor. Definitely would get again when I have the munchies!"

1010 WINS taste tester Walter Geis