10 alleged members of notorious ‘Brick Squad’ gang busted on murder, other charges

Al Jones
December 20, 2019 - 1:52 pm
Brick Squad

Brooklyn DA


NEW YORK (1010 WINS) – Authorities say they’ve charged ten members of the infamous Brick Squad gang with an array of charges, from murder and shootings to drug trafficking and burglary.

Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez said Friday that the Brick Squad was an offshoot of the Bloods and a particularly violent gang.

“This is an old school gang and they make their money from dealing drugs,” Gonzalez said Friday.

The gang is alleged to have sold drugs in Brooklyn, Binghamton and Bangor, Maine.

The ten members arrested face charges of conspiracy, murder, attempted murder, attempted assault, criminal possession of a weapon, burglary and other crimes. If convicted, they could be behind bars for decades.

“I believe that this is a relatively small number of people that have done a lot of harm to communities, especially in Brownsville, East New York and Bed-Stuy," Gonzalez said.

Among those busted was 22-year-old Stephan Khadu for his alleged involvement in the 2017 murder of teenager John Fernandez and the 2018 murder of 37-year-old Claudell Gary.

The killings were part of the Brick Squad’s push for geographic dominance, authorities allege.

The group’s ringleader Howard Smith allegedly communicated with gang members from prison, where he is serving a life sentence, to discuss acts of violence.

Authorities say Smith raised a red flag because his prison commissary account had almost $26,000 in it. They believe gang members were committing robberies to fill that commissary account.